Sunday, February 6, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman NYC Preview Party & Swatches

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of going to my first MAC Preview Party in NYC! There were HOT male model waiters passing out Wonder Woman red velvet cupcakes and for the over 21 set, there were some free cocktails! The purpose of this party is to be the first to view the new Wonder Woman collection and get your make-up done by the MAC artists and swatch and purchase the collection. Lucky for me, I have a great MAC artist who puts new collections aside for me so they don't sell out before I get a chance to purchase them. Hopefully I will be invited again and able to go to more of these parties in the future. Below are some pictures for you guys. I hope you enjoy them:)

Once inside you could see all the wonderful display decorations they had around the store.
I also have an awesome MAC artist who gave me a sneak peak into their stock closet which is amazing! Also, check out her Wonder Woman staff shirt. I totally want one!
How awesome is the shirt! Next, I was able to get some pictures of the products on display. It is a pretty small MAC store and very crowded so I did the best I could. Sorry if it is on an angle.
I was able to do a quick swatch of the Lip glosses (which are JUMBO size) and the Lipsticks below.
The first picture is with flash and the second one is with no flash. The colors from left to right are Athena's Kiss, Wonder Woman, Secret Identity, Emancipation, (Lip glosses) Marquise 'd, Heroine, Spitfire, Russian Red (missing) (Lipsticks)

When walking into the store they give you a poster and a sheet to check off all the products that you want to get. Below are the pictures. I don't collect MAC postcards but I think I am going to save these.
Next up is what I actually ended up getting. The boxes were actually really cool. I only got (1) Lip gloss, (1) MSF and (1) Blush.
As you can see I got Wonder Woman Lip gloss, Golden Larait MSF and Mighty Aphrodite duo blush.

Let's start with Wonder Woman Lip gloss. This is a beautiful red lip gloss. I have been on a red lip kick lately and thought this would make a great addition. It seems to have iridescent sparkles in it which I really like. It is also JUMBO size. I think this lip gloss will literally last me forever. Pics and swatch below.
Next, I got the Mighty Aphrodite blush. I really like how there are two different colors in the pan. I haven't seen MAC be that creative in a while. Again, these blushes are bigger then the standard MAC blushes.
I think these colors will be very pretty mixed together or used separately as well.
And last but not least, the biggest MSF I have EVER seen-Golden Lariat.
As you can see beautiful shades. From a highlighter to a bronzer. This picture doesn't even do this MSF justice. I think if there is one thing to get from this collection it would be this. Plus it will last forever as it is HUGE.

What are your current wants from this collection? Do you like the packaging or hate it? Would love to hear you comments. Until next time:)