Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amazing Glitter Lips Tutorial from Cutesaurus's Blog

Yesterday I stumbled upon an amazing Glitter Lips Tutorial from Cutesaurus's Blog. With her permission, of course, she is allowing me to re-post it. Her blog is and you should def check her out!

Glitter Lips Tutorial-By Cutesaurus

A couple of days ago while messing around with possible makeup, I came up with this:

I think it came out really well, so I decided to post a tutorial for it. I think this would work with any color of lipstick and any color of glitter, so it’s perfect for modifying to your color preferences. I like the black base because it really sets off the color and sparkle, but I also think a glittery red or hot pink lip would look 


This time I decided to try a different color over the black base, and chose pink. My only pink glitters are MAC’s Very Pink Reflects and Neon 60s. But Neon 60s came out rather surprising…
What I used:
All MAC stuff: 316 lip brush, greasepaint stick, Feline kohl power liner, She-Zam dazzleglass, clear lip glass, Reflects Very Pink and Neon 60s glitters.

Important: DO NOT rub your lips together at any time during this process.  

This requires very pigmented and thick products that will most likely get on your teeth and clump pretty badly. It will look terrible. SO DON’T DO IT. Resist the urge. Please be aware that this look is not practical at all and really should not be worn places where eating/drinking are necessary! The price of having sparkly wonder lips ;)

1. Start with clean, bare lips. (My lips are kind of dry, so I used lip balm and blotted it off to prime them without adding a layer that would affect color application).
2. Use the greasepaint stick to line and fill your lips until the entire surface is matte and black. You should be able to get fairly good definition of shape using this. If you want, you can line beforehand with Feline e/k or any black pencil liner (chola status? haha) or afterwards to perfect the shape (my preferred method).

I don’t think this looks that great, because the paint stick is kind of drying. For a nice matte black lip though, you could stop at this stage and just add a non-shiny balm over top.

3. Add your preferred gloss, using the lip brush to gently paint the gloss on (I try to avoid getting black color into the lip gloss tube!). I like the super-sparkly silver MAC She-Zam dazzleglass:
4. Get your preferred glitter. Still using the lip brush, pat the glitter gently in a small area at a time to get a nice covering. DO NOT smear. I like to just do it in the center of both lips (not all the way to the edge) so the black still shows. This is with Very Pink:
I don’t think it looks that great at this stage either, because the glitter is kinda crusted onto the gloss I guess you could say. But in the next step, it really comes together.

5. Using the clear lip glass and the lip brush, gently paint the gloss thickly over your lips. Again, do not rub your lips together. Done properly, this creates a very slick, sparkly look.
Now, that looks pretty neat.. the MAC Reflects glitters are very finely milled, so it looks kind of like a dazzleglass, just more extreme. But I really wanted sparkle, so I decided to add the other glitter, Neon 60s. (again adding gloss over the top)
 So there you have it! Hope this tutorial was helpful. I would love to see pics of different color combinations of glitter and color

These lips are stunning and I can't wait to try this out for myself! Big thanks to Cutesaurus again and def check out her blog and follow her! Until next time...
Miss Make-Up Fairy