Monday, July 4, 2011

Miss Make Up's Fairy NEW Facebook Fan Page!!

I just created a Facebook Fan Page for Miss Make Up Fairy. I am fairly green and still trying to figure it out so please bear with me. Facebook says I need to get at least 25 likes in order for it to be published under the MissMakeUpFairy URL. If everyone that is a fan could help that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the crazy looking link:

Please let me know if you can't "like" the page. I am having a little bit of trouble but any help would be greatly appreciated! 

And, since I have reached 50 subscribers I am going to do a GIVEAWAY!!! Stay tuned for the details coming soon!!

Miss Make Up Fairy

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fresh Kiss and Tell Sugar Lip Truck

Fresh is having a Kiss & Tell Promotion. With a contest online that you can enter at Facebook, you could win $2,500 in Fresh products - just by sharing your sweetest kiss ever (in 100 words or less - tougher than Twitter). Make sure to enter by July 8.

Last week in Union Square in NY, I went to visit the Kiss & Tell Pop-Up Truck to get my free Sugar Lip Treatment and my free Sugar Lip Treatment Lip Balm. I really went because I am a die hard fan of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Lip Balm and they are pretty expensive selling for $22.50 at Sephora so, any chance to snag a free one was enough incentive for me!

The line was pretty long but it moved very fast. I hate waiting on lines but I was literally at the end of the block and got into the truck for my treatment in about 20 minutes. They had about 10 people at a time in the truck so that sped up the process. Kudos to the Fresh Team for getting the line under control!! Once I was inside the Kiss & Tell Truck, I was able to get my free Sugar Lip Treatment. The Sugar Lip Experience, was a Fresh Lip Scrub that nourishes, protects, and perfects your lips.They put a little of the lip scrub on a Q-Tip and you were able to scrub your lips. Then they let you pick out your favorite lip treatment for a sample. I choose the Honey because it is the newest flavor. It did not disappoint!

After receiving the FREE Sugar Lip Treatment, you then had the option to Kiss & Tell  by either mailing a pre-paid postcard or e-mailing a virtual postcard  from the truck (that is what the TV screen in the picture was for) to a friend telling them why you love the Sugar Lip Collection.
I loved the way the truck looks. It is so cute and fits perfectly with the Fresh brand! As you were leaving the truck you were handed the below reusable bag and also had a choice between the Rose and Plum flavor for your free lip treatment. I was a little bummed they weren't giving away the new Honey flavor as that was what I was hoping for but Rose is my second favorite so I choose that one.
All in all, I had a great time at this event! It was executed flawlessly and who can beat a full size Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment! I hope they do more of these events in the future. I will def. be there. Did any of you attend? I would love to hear what you thought in the comments below! Until next time:)

Miss Make Up Fairy