Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My HG Lipstick!!!

I have been on an endless search to find a replacement for my HG lipstick. It has literally taken me months to find it. I have been searching on every website, blog sale, and even eBay. When I went to the counter at my local Bloomingdales they said that the color had been discontinued in that formula but they had it in the new Coco Shine formula. It wasn't the same:( 

Then, during cyber shopping this past weekend I found it! They were selling it at Nordstrom’s. (imagine that) I know that it hadn't been there during my whole search because they were one of the first sites I checked out. Anyways, figuring the makeup gods were in my favor I squealed with delight! Curious which lipstick it is.......


This lipstick was released originally in the Channel Cote D'Azur Summer 2009 collection. 

"Inspired by the sun-splashed colors of Coco Chanel’s favorite resort destinations in Côte d’Azur (also known as the French Riviera in English), the collection comprises warm glowing shades in bronze, copper, beige and brown with soft, vibrant colors in pink, peach, coral and red."

If you are having trouble remembering the collection here is a quick picture of some of the other items Chanel released.

Chanel describes the Aqualumiere lipstick as a "A brilliant pop of sheer color with an ultra-creamy texture to provide an immediate sensation of softness and comfort. Lips are thoroughly hydrated with a nourishing, soothing and fortifying action." They describe Monte Carlo as a "Red Coral." It has a slight shimmer of gold. I have honestly not been able to find a dupe for this shade.

You can see how beautiful it really is in the above picture. I am so happy to have tracked this lipstick down as I was really bummed about it being discontinued. This is def. my HG lipstick. What is your HG lipstick? Did you have a hard time finding it? Leave a comment below and let me know. Until next time!!
Miss Make Up Fairy

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Giveaway Winners You Tube Video-Start Watching at 7:15 mark for the opening