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MAC Glitter & Ice for Holiday 2011

I have gotten a hold of some promotional pictures for the MAC 2011 Holiday Collection. They are calling it Glitter & Ice and, Johnny Weir is the campaigns spokesperson. All of the collection's compacts are in white which is probably the most exciting thing about the whole collection for me. Please let me know your opinions below. There are a few must haves but I am a little disappointed this year.
 Let's start off with the MAC Glitter and Ice Paint Pots. 
From Up to Down: Let’s Skate!, Morning Frost, For Effect
 Next are the MAC Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eye Shadow. From Left to Right: Fresh Ice, Snow Season, Hold That Pose!, Frozen Blue, Shimmermint, and Winterized.
I am not really in love with any of these. I feel like the pigment payout will be much lighter then you would expect it to be.
I guess I am most excited about the MAC Glitter and Ice Beauty Powders. I looove the white compact. (I am a sucker for And the colors look really pretty to me. From Left to Right: Snowglobe & How Beautiful!

Next up is the MAC Nail Lacquer. From Left to Right: Unconditionally Fabulous (frost), Get Noticed! (crème), & Festive Finery (crème).
Next are the MAC Glitter and Ice Lipsticks. Again, I love the white tubes and there are some colors I am interested in here. Soft Sable and Eloquent Air look the most promising to me. I am afraid the other colors will either look too dark on me or wash me out. From Left to Right: Whirls & Twirls (glaze), Double Spin (cremesheen), Soft Sable (frost), Eloquent Air (glaze), Such Flare (matte), and What Joy! (satin).
 I am not excited AT ALL about the MAC Glitter and Ice Dazzleglass. The colors look boring and done before. From Left to Right: Pleasure Principle, Dressed to Dazzle, Glitter and Ice, She-zam, Love Alert, and Spanking Rich.
And last but not least are the MAC Technakohl Liners. From Left to Right: Silver Skates, Going for Gold, Seasonally Spicy, Fancy Moves, Practice Makes Perfect, and Smooth Manoeuvre.

Next up for MAC are their MAC Glitter & Ice Eyeshadow Ice Parade Palettes. They usually do some sort of eyeshadow palette every holiday season. Last season's Dashing Lassies and Rockers and Reeler's were amazing! I use them ALL the time and are the perfect size to carry around in my purse. These palettes this year seem bland to me. I of course like the neutrals (as I do in most collections) but that is about it. I even think the packaging is pretty bizarre and not at all enticing. 
The first palette is MAC Glitter and Ice Eyeshadow Palette Cool. The colors from Left to Right are: Howzat, Snowball, Warm & Smoky, Idol Eyes, Illegal Cargo, & Set to Dance.

MAC Glitter and Ice Eyeshadow Palette Warm  is the neutral palette that looks most promising to me. From Left to Right: Buckwheat, Gaelic Gold, Patina, Magical Mist, Winterscape, & Midnight Flurry.

This palette doesn't look too bad either but I can't get over how bad the packing is. MAC Glitter and Ice Eyeshadow Palette Sultry. From Left to Right: Black Tied, Trax, Shadowy Lady, Fun!, Lightfully, and Festive Delight.

Next up are the MAC Glitter & Ice Ice Delights Lip Bags, Brush Sets, and Color Sets. They always do these little combo packages. Last year they were in the tins. This year they are in odd clear plastic bags with those darn silver circles again. Do you think those silver circles are trying to represent the ice skating rinks that Johnny Weir skates on?
 First up are the MAC Iced Delights Lip Bag Winter Cool. This kit includes Fashion Whim Creamsheen, Crème de Nude Lipstick, and Stripdown lip liner.

MAC Iced Delights Sultry Set is up next. This set includes Deelight Creemsheen, I Love Winter Lipstick, and Boldly Bare Lip Liner. I like this set the best however I would probably give the bag that is comes in
The next sets include a nail polish instead of a lip liner. MAC Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag Rocking includes Kanga Rouge Lipstick (which is a re-promote), Golden Blanket Lip gloss, and Asiatique nail polish.

MAC Iced Delights Pure Drama is more of a "vampy" set. It includes Hang Up Lipstick, Frozen Lamé Lip gloss, and Vintage Vamp nail polish.
Next we get into the eye kit sets they are offering this year. The firs one is MAC Iced Delights Eye Bag Silver. Again, what is up with this bag?? This set includes Silverwear and Blue Spruce eyeshadow, Graphblack Technakohl, Zoom Fast Black Lash, and 275SE.

Next up is the MAC Iced Delights Eye Bag Pearl. This set includes Taupeless and Celestial Black eyeshadow, Purple Dash Technakohl, Zoom Fast Black Lash, and 275SE.
Next up is the MAC Iced Delights Eye Bag Gold. This set includes Baby, It’s cold… and Woodsmoke eyeshadow, Brown Border, Zoom Fast Black Lash, and 275SE.

There are 3 brush sets this year. I already have all these special edition brushes but only one set appeals to me anyways and they only reason I would get it is because of the packaging. (again) First up is the MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit. This kits includes brushes 187SE, 130SE, 286SE, and 282SE.

The next brush set is the MAC Essential Brush Set. This brush set includes brushes 190SE, 129SE, 275SE, 266SE, 226SE.
 The MAC Special Edition Brush Set is the one I would consider getting because I like the packaging and I don't have many "white haired" brushes. This brush set includes brushes 167SE, 168SE, 239SE, 217SE, and 212SE.

The next to sets are the Face Collection Sets. The first one is MAC Exclusives Fabulously Festive Face Kit Warm. This set includes Golden Flurry, Soft Brown, Carbon, Omega, Join The Party, Mellowarm, Seasonal Appeal, 129SE, 275SE, and 266SE. These sets give a little bit of everything but will probably be the most expensive.
The second one is MAC Exclusives Fabulously Festive Face Kit Wintercool. This set includes Phloof!, Quarry, Dance in the Dark, Brun, Emancipation, Hot Gossip, Mocha, 129SE, 275SE, and 266SE.

Sorry for such a long post but these MAC holiday collections are always the biggest. This is the last grouping of them and they are the MAC Glitter & Ice Dazzlespheres Pigment and Lip glass Gift Sets. It seems like these are ornament that are stuffed with MAC products to hang on your tree this year. These would also make a great stocking stuffer as well!

First up is the nail set. The MAC Dazzlesphere Mini Nail Lacquer Kit includes Dark Angel, Style Tip, Much Adored, and Mistletoe.

Next we have the MAC Dazzlesphere Crushed Metallics Pigment Kits. The first one is the Dazzlesphere Smoky Berry Ornament. This pigment set includes Pearl, Rose Light, Spicy Smoke,and Roasted Chestnut.
 The second set is the Dazzlesphere Smoky Blue Ornament. This set includes White As Snow, Silver Sleet, Wintersky, and Dark Moon.
 The third set is the Dazzlesphere Plum Ornament. This set includes Light Violet, Grape, Seasonal Cool, and Misty.

Next up are the Dazzlespere Mini Gloss Kits. This year they all seem to be a mixture of Dazzleglasses and Creamsheens which is a departure from their standard mini lip gloss collections. The first set is the Dazzlesphere Neutral Ornament. This set includes Bare Necessity (dazzleglass), Get Rich Quick (dazzleglass),Boy Bait (cremesheen), and Over Indulgence (cremesheen).

The second set is the Dazzlesphere Coral Ornament. This set includes Phiff! (dazzleglass), Eurobeat (dazzleglass), On The Scene (cremesheen), and Richer, Lusher (cremesheen).

And last but not least, the third set is the Dazzlesphere Pink Ornament. This set includes Rags to Riches (dazzleglass), Like Venus (dazzleglass), Fashion Scoop (cremesheen), and Petite Indulgence (cremesheen).

I would like to give a big shout out to the Muse for helping to provide me with all these images and I believe she go them from the Beauty Insider.

What are you thoughts on this years holiday collection? Are you excited or kind of disappointed? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Miss Make Up's Fairy's 1st Giveaway

To celebrate Miss Make Up Fairy hitting 50 subscribers, I am hosting a giveaway featuring a few of my favorite products!!!

 Products include: My favorite Japanese face wash: Hello Kitty Collagen Wash in Rosette. It makes your face sooo soft. And since I went on a buying spree when T.J. Maxx had The Balm Cosmetics in stock, I picked up a few extras of my favorites to giveaway. We have the "Manizer" set which includes "Mary-Lou-AKA The Luminizer-Manizer" and "Betty-Lou-AKA The Bronzing Bandit-Manizer". This is my favorite highlight and bronzer duo! Next up is the "Shady Lady Vol. 3" eyeshadow set. This includes 9 different eye shadows!! Four great nail polish shades that H&M released in their Spring Collection but work all year round! Finally, a brand new E.L.F. Mineral Brush Set. These brushes are sooo soft!!


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Good luck!

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