Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Birthday Haul!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. This past weekend was my birthday so I have been pretty busy all month leading up to it. I have managed to haul some amazing products for my birthday. All of them were either gifts or swaps but regardless they are all in one collective haul. Below is a brief overview shot.

From left to right-Urban Decay BOS Vol. 2, TARTE Femme Fatale Eyeshadow Palette, Heatherette Smooth Harmony, MAC Brunette MSF, MAC Golden Bronzer, MAC Femme Fi Eyeshadow, Dior Bronze Sun Couture Palette, MAC Hello Kitty Tippy Blush, Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmer Brick, Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Powder Sable D'OR #6, MAC Hello Kitty Big Bow, and Eve Pearl Purple Eyeshadow Palette.

I am just going to highlight some of my favorite items from this group. I have tried MAC MSF's over and over again and they just do not show up on me. I still want to get that shimmer look though so, I decided to try Bobbi Brown's Nectar Shimmerbrick. Finally, a glow that shows:) I love this item. I think some of the other shimmerbricks don't show up as well because of their lack of color but this is like taking the color of NARS Orgasm blush and putting it together with a MAC MSF.

The TARTE Femme Fatal Eyeshadow Palette I am especially excited about! This palette came out about 2 years ago before I was really into make-up. I have searched high and low for this product and have not been able to find it anywhere. I am talking eBay, beauty stores in other countries, you name it I have looked there. I was in Sephora the other day looking at the TARTE cheek stains.and one of the sales associates was pulling out stock from the drawer below and low and below there was not 1 but 4 (!!) Femme Fatale Palettes. Of course they were not for sale but, I begged and pleaded with the sales person to let me purchase it. She said she would have to check with the manager because Sephora has a strict policy against letting customers purchase testers. (mind you this was technically a tester but had never been opened) Thankfully the manager on duty was someone I have become friendly with over time since I go into his store so often. It was like waiting to see if I had passed a big test to see if he was going to give it to me. I gave him "but it's my birthday tomorrow pretty please" line and it actually worked! He sold it to me and totally made my day!! Below are pictures and you will see why I was so ecstatic. The colors are just amazing! This is one of the only palettes that I have found where you can truly use it from day to night. They have a nice mix of neutrals and strong smokey eye night colors as well.

I have also managed to swap for the coveted Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 2 I haven't had a chance to test this out yet but I am sure it is not going to disappoint.

Next up are the MAC products I managed to haul. I am pretty excited to try them out as well. I just love all the LE packaging. Especially the Heatherette collection. From left to right: Smooth Harmony, Brunette MSF, and Golden Bronzer.

From left to right: MAC Hello Kitty Tippy Blush and MAC Hello Kitty Big Bow Lipstick.

And the last item that I am pretty excited to try is my Christian Dior Sun Couture Palette. I haven't had a chance to use yet but it just looks beautiful. I looove bronzers. That is my weakness and I think this palette caters to it:)

The first picture is with out the flash and the second picture is with the flash. I left the plastic protective cover on by accident. Opps:)

Those are my favorites from my birthday haul. I hope you enjoyed them and let me know what your favorite make up birthday present ever was. Until next time...XOXO MissMakeUpFairy