Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twelfth Annual Weblog Awards

Hi All-Nominations are open for the Twelfth Annual Weblog Awards. I wonder if you might take two minutes to follow this link and nominate your Miss Make Up Fairy for Best Fashion/Beauty Blog

I know I probably don't have a shot of winning because I am so new but, “Oh, what? An award? Well! (Blushing) I mean…I guess if you don’t mind…Really, writing to an audience is reward enough (flutters lashes).” 

I’ve never won a blogging award and maybe that’s because my blog is very small and I don't write in it daily like all the other beauty bloggers out there do, but I do have a full time job guys!! I try my hardest to update it as much as I can:)

Just keep in mind that you have to nominate at least 3 blogs across the various categories. So my fingers are crossed you’ll vote!

Miss Make Up Fairy