Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting Fake MAC on eBay

I have been scammed and it doesn't feel good. Four out of the five MAC eye shadows that I had ordered online through eBay are fake. I was alerted first by a fellow MUA Swapper that the MAC Hello Kitty eye shadows never came in pots. That led me to an online information hunt to find out what other items I had purchased were not real. I came across this website from one of the more "well known" bloggers I follow and was able to realize what was real and what was fake. Below is the link and it is really helpful:

I think the most helpful part of this article was the back label comparison. That is where I was able to catch all the "fake labeling" on these products. In the picture below on the right side is the real eyeshadow and the left side is the fake one.

The most common spot where these scammers got me, was either the actual weight of the eyeshadow or where the "e" was placed. The good news is that I was able to catch all of these bad sellers, open cases with eBay and get full refunds. It isn't even the fact that they cost me that much money but, it is the principal that when selling these fake products who knows what chemicals they are made of. They can cause hives, swelling and all other sorts of allergic reactions. From now on I am buying my MAC strictly from the store. Plus now a days it seems like drugstore make up is almost the same price as MAC make up as well. Hopefully this short post will help you beware of buying make up on eBay. XOXO