Monday, March 29, 2010

MAC & Too Faced Haul

Sorry I have been slacking. I started a new job and it has been taking up most of my time. This haul actually picks up from the NARS haul. I didn't have the chance to post everything at that time so I am going to continue now. Most of this stuff was bought awhile ago but I just haven't had the chance to put anything up.

In my quest to become a better beauty buyer I am trying to compile MAC eye shadows to fill up my 15 MAC Pro Palette Pan. I have been getting a lot of the normal potted eye shadows for about half the price and eventually I am going to depot them all. I already have a list of the shades that I want so I have been very specific on what I have been getting. The first one I got was Woodwinked but I didn't take a picture of that one. The second one I got was Carbon. This is your basic black eye shadow from MAC in order to do a Smokey eye and so much more.

Then I got MAC Mulch. However, it happened to be the Hello Kitty special edition so it came it really cute packaging. The sender also sent me a free MAC shadow in a deep blue which was awesome. I was actually looking for a blue too so I guess I killed two birds with one stone:)
 Below they are swatched. I think the both come out very lovely.

The last item I got from MAC was a discontinued lip gloss called Sprightly. I saw it and I just loved the color so much. I think it is a limited edition and they don't make it anymore so I was very excited that I was still able to get it.
It is a really pretty almost sheer golden pink. I think it will look great with a Smokey eye look.

Next is my eyeshadow duo from Too Faced. I discovered these two colors in my Too Face Nude Palette and fell in love with them. The Nude Palette is sometimes to big to carry around so this is a good little pot to take on the go. The shade names are Teddy Bear and Heaven. Heaven is the perfect highlighter and Teddy Bear makes it into the perfect everyday nude eye.

I was going to post more products but my computer is acting up so I will save those for a later date. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment and subscribe!