Friday, August 12, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips-Kitty Kitty

I guess I am little late on the band wagon here, but I have finally gotten around to trying out my Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips. I have them in the color "Kitty, Kitty" which are really just leopard spots. I have been hearing mixed reviews about these strips. Some say easy as pie, others not so much. I am going to go with the "not so much" crowd. I doubt that I will ever get these again. I found them a pain to put on. Maybe it's because I have short nails. Who knows but here we go!

The kit comes with 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, and a mini file & buffer. I actually liked the cuticle and mini file the I didn't end up using all the strips and have a handful of them left.  The instructions say to use warm hands to make the strips stick and I def agree with that. I think the warmer my hands and nails were the easier it was for the strips to stick. After picking the best nail strip size for your nail you are supposed to peel the clear protective plastic cover off. Then you are supposed to break the silver tab from the strip. Place the strip at the cuticle line and press on. They say to use the flat side of the cuticle strip but I felt it worked better just to press down with my fingers.
You are supposed to file the excess strip away but I found that you had to cut it first before even attempting to file. It also tells you to file with the soft light pink side however if you don't file with the hot pink buffer side you will never get the excess off.
As you can see nails are not my But I tried with whatever nail stubs I
I am right handed and usually doing my left hand is easier but for some odd reason I thought doing my right hand was easier. Maybe because I was finally getting the hang of it. It def. was not faster then painting my nails.
Full hand shot. It is the best I could do. Below is the aftermath. You can see the amount of work and how many left over items there were. It honestly took me about an hour.
Unfort. this is def not a re-purchase for me. Maybe I am just really horrible at doing my own nails and should stick to I am curious to see if any of you had similar experiences or if it was super easy for you. I am not sure what I will do with the extra strips. Maybe I'll do my dogs nails. (JK)
Until next time-
Miss Makeup Fairy