Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Huge Nars Haul!!!

So, one of my very close friends works at Nars. Last weekend (since she gets all her make up for free) she gave me a huge goody bag of make up. It had to be over $300 worth of make up and I love her for it. Alas, the massive NARS Haul. Let me know your thoughts:)

I have been wanting to try these following two NARS Legends; The Laguna Bronzer and the Orgasam Blush. I was not disappointed by either. I think the Laguna Bronzer works great on all skin tones along with the Orgasm Blush and that is why they have this amazing following.

She also gave me (4) eyeshadow duos. It is really a great spectrum of colors. I think my favorite is Hula Hula. I just love the light pink of gold with actual flecs of sparkles you can see.

From Left to Right: Portobello, Scorching Sun, Hula Hula, EGEA
Close Up of Portobello and Scorching Sun
I am not sure what happened to my Portobello swatch but I will post it later. Above is the swatch of the Scorching Sun Eyeshadow duo.
This is a close up of Hula Hula and EGEA
This is the swatch of Hula Hula. The photo doesn't do it justice. So pretty!!!
This isn't a great picture of EGEA either.

The next set of eyeshadows that I got were singles. I think these are the best size. So easy to carry around.
From Left to Right: Grenadines, Night Sun, Baby Girl
From Left to Right: Grenadines, Night Sun, Baby Girl

The last items that I got was a Lipstick, the new Orgasam Illuminator and a 3 in 1 Beauty Stick.
From Left to Right: Cap Vert 3 in 1 Beauty Stick, Porte Vecchio Lipsticl, Orgasam Illuminator
The 3 in 1 Beauty Stick is very useful but this color might be too dark for my skin tone so I might use it when I get tanner. The lipstick is also not my "normal" color but actually looks divine on. The Orgasam Illuminator is something that is sold out in almost every Sephora I have been to but, I am not sure if I get it or like the way it looks on. I guess only time will tell!

That is the whole NARS Haul sans one lipgloss which I will put up in the next blog post.
Which, will be hopefully by the end of this week. I have new products from MAC, NYX, Chanel, Trish McEvoy, Urban Decay, and Too Faced. Thanks for reading and I look forward to all comment posts below :)